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Your website may be the best and most efficient way to keep your Unit connected. It is especially important if your Unit is scattered across the country and not everyone can attend same meetings. With your UnitWise website, you will have complete control over the content of your pages, the look of your website, and its settings. UnitWise technology allows you to use one of our 25 pre-made templates, or you can go custom. The choice is yours! You have the ability to add your custom background and header to your site. You can even design your header image right at the UnitWise screen by adding your image and text to it. You also have an option to add unlimited number of pages to your site. With easy-to-add templates, it's very convenient to display your calendar, guest book, and profile on your website. Don't forget, keep all your documents organized on the "Training Center" template.

UnitWise offers a list of training categories. use the options that are already there or edit and create your own. You no longer need to hear that someone isn't able to find documents. Simply write precise directions into your newsletter, making once-lost text easy to find in seconds. As an added option, you can send your documents directly as links to your team via the email marketing feature. To keep your website visitors engaged, try creating a page with contests. The best way to try it out is to use online forms. Your visitors can fill out the questionnaire and then submit the information to claim the prize. When the information is submitted, you'll receive an email notification. Managing the information is simple inside your UnitWise account. There is no limit to what content you can add to your website: Images, Tables, Audio and video files. You can even embed Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website. If needed, you can password protect selected pages or the entire website. To maintain your brand and to make your website name more memorable, you can reserve your own custom domain with UnitWise.

A couple of questions from Amanda.


I have tried to design a website with another program before, but it required all sorts of technical knowledge to add things. I'm afraid to start here because it was really confusing on the other website.

Hero at UnitWise

Designing a website has never been easier with our new UnitWise technology. It's very intuitive and you can see the results right away. Plus, you can make it completely unique in just a few simple steps.


Great! I want to get started. What do I do if I have a question?

Hero at UnitWise

We will be happy to help you on the phone and live chat Mon-Fri 9am -6pm and via Emergency Email support 24/7.

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