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Unit Reports

Whether you are a Team Leader with just a few team members or a Director with lots of consultants in your unit, you will need to access all kinds of data to make successful decisions for your team and to keep them motivated by recognizing their accomplishments. In UnitWise, we have a feature called Reports. Those reports are imported directly from InTouch. reports include: Unit Anniversaries, Unit Birthdays, Court of Sharing Unit totals, Court of Sales Unit Totals, Circle of Achievements, Star Consultant Quarter Tracking, Unit Production Detail, Recent Unit Production, and New Unit Members.  

Any and all of these reports are very valuable for creating a Unit/Team Newsletter. Get your birthday list in a snap and give your consultants a call to make them feel special on their day! Recognize your Queen of Sharing and Queen of Sales at your next Unit Meeting or a Conference Call! You can see how many team members are active this week by checking the unit production report and referencing the wholesale orders that were placed. You can also get the list of your new team members and follow-up with them about the start of their business, in addition to the steps they need to take to be successful. You can also email them from the email marketing feature with a prepared email template to welcome them to your Unit. It is important to enable this feature by scheduling the reports first. To schedule the reports, you will need to change the “X” mark into a checkmark (by double-clicking the “X”). You can also choose to be notified via email when the report is ready, or you can even request the report be delivered to your account at midnight that day.

An Independent Sales Director asked our Support Hero the following


I would like to recognize my Unit Members for a job well done this week. How do I know who was on track?

Hero at UnitWise

You can look at the report called Court Of Sales Unit Totals. It will give you the goal information, Retail Sales, and how far or how close the particular Team Member was to their goal this week.


What about anniversaries? I always forget to send post cards.

Hero at UnitWise

With Reports, you will have access to your Unit’s Anniversary list via our Address Labels feature where you can print address labels in just a few short minutes.

Unit Reports Videos

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