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Twitter is one of the most dynamic social media sites available. It became a social phenomenon just a few short years ago. Now, it's not just a place to share what is happening in your life, it's also an engine that drives people to your business. With a little dedication, Twitter can be a fast and efficient communication tool, and a good way to find new customers and team members. Staying current with Twitter is an ongoing process, but the possibilities are limitless in terms of potential customers. If you follow simple rules and post regularly, it's an easy process. If you're on-the-go a lot, you probably spend most of your time driving from one appointment to another. Unfortunately, tweeting while driving is not a good idea.

We have a solution though! Connect your Twitter account with UnitWise and schedule posts before you hit the road! Just be sure to check back later to make sure you didn't miss out on personal interactions that have taken place while you were running around. Really want to capitalize on Twitter potential? Try adding your Twitter updates to your website to keep your website visitors more engaged.

A couple of questions from a Twitter Pro who also uses UnitWise.


Hi, I love Twitter! I recently joined UnitWise and I'm super excited to get started. I heard that I can link my Twitter to my UnitWise account. Do I need anything special to do that, HTML code, or anything?

Hero at UnitWise

No, Jana, all you need is your Twitter login information to connect.


Oh that’s great! How many Tweets can I send per day?

Hero at UnitWise

You can tweet as much as you like, Jana.

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