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  • Be heard. Be confident. UnitWise helps you stay social in an increasingly digital world.
  • Stay social, even when you’re on the go! You can quickly update your Facebook profile and schedule posts ahead of time all from your UnitWise account.
  • Integrate fun and business, while keeping your social media profiles active and full of relatable and relevant content. Quickly update your Twitter account from UnitWise.

Text Blast is an additional feature that allows you to instantly reach a broad audience directly on their cell phones! For a small monthly fee, you can send unlimited messages to particular groups of people. By creating text blast groups based on contact type (customers, team, skin care class, etc), you can target a specific mobile audience. Reminding your team about the next unit meeting has never been easier.

Text messages can also be scheduled in advance. After you've enrolled in the Text Blast service with UnitWise, select the contacts you will be sending texting, and forward them your approval request.

Here is a helpful question from one of our users:



I love Text Blast! It's so easy to stay connected with my entire unit on the go. If send messages to them a few times a day will it increase my phone bill?

Hero at UnitWise:

No, Melissa, no need to worry about a high cell phone bill. The Text Blast is sent directly from the server and does not involve your cell phone plan at all. On the same note, since the message is sent as a media message it is a one way marketing tool and recipients cannot reply to it, so be sure to include how to respond in the body of the message. Happy Texting!

Hero at UnitWise

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