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The harder you strive and focus on your work, the more you accomplish. The same strategy goes for your business. UnitWise will help you track your accomplishments so that sending your information to your director will be a breeze. Every invoice or sales receipt you enter into UnitWise has the option to record your accomplishments. By default your sales are recorded as accomplishments, but if you want to be more detailed, feel free to click the “Add Accomplishments” button. Depending on the sale type (class, facial, on-the-go, reorder), you will have the opportunity to indicate the party name, hostess name, time spent, number of calls made to make this order, number of guests, number of bookings, number of skin care sets sold, number of interviews, and number of recruits. All this information will automatically appear in your "Weekly Accomplishment" report that can be easily found under the "My Team" or "My Unit" section. You will also have complete control of the information included in this report. It is entirely editable. You have an ability to add accomplishments manually or remove unnecessary information.

At any time, you can see the recap of your WAS at-a-glance, your number of new team members, bookings, etc. number of new team members, bookings etc. You will be able to set your goals to be achieved next week. With the click of a button, you will be able to check your earnings that are calculated automatically based on the amount of sales divided by the number of hours worked. The weekly accomplishments summary can be emailed to your Director, exported as a document, and simply entered to InTouch at your convenience.

Here is a Support dialog to give you more information about Weekly Accomplishments in UnitWise:



Is my Weekly accomplishment automatically reported to my Director and InTouch?

Hero at UnitWise:

Weekly accomplishments are your responsibility to report them to your Director.

Hero at UnitWise


Can my Director see my accomplishments if she also has a UnitWise account?

Hero at UnitWise:

For security reasons, your account information and accomplishments are protected within your account. No one, including your Director, would be able to see it. You do have a convenient way of emailing the report to your Director, though.

Hero at UnitWise

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