Purchase History

  • View all invoices, sales receipts, and payments connected to your client’s profile.
  • Track your clients’ favorite products with a list of all past purchases.
  • Visible dates and quantities allow you to see how often and what quantity your client purchases each product.
  • Skip the line at the post office, DYMO Endicia brings your mailing needs straight to your home office, no printer or labels needed!


I’m a director of a very big unit. I like to know how many parties and facials my Unit members did and who held the most appointments, so that I can buy prizes for my weekly meetings in advance. Does UnitWise give me this information?

Hero at UnitWise:

Shopping for prizes will be fun, Mary! The "At a Glance" feature lets you see the number of parties and facials in an easy to read table format. You can even export it and forward these Unit Recognition Reports to your assistant or take it with you to shop.

Hero at UnitWise

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