• The days of waiting to process a sale are long gone!
  • Accept payments instantly with the UnitWise ProPay Feature.

ProPay is a well known credit card processing service and has been proudly serving direct-selling business owners for years. By using the latest technologies, ProPay adheres to strict rules in order to protect its customers and its customers' clients. The UnitWise team helped develop and test ProtectPay®, technology that allows our system to make a cardholder's data invisible from the database, virtually eliminating the liability of a merchant. UnitWise was the first program to be certified by ProPay to use ProtectPay®. ProtectPay® was also added to the mobile version of UnitWise, UWNow.com, and we are very pleased to have our smart phone and tablet apps also employ this technology.

Be the consultant that provides the best customer service by accepting credit cards at the time of sale. You can process your customer credit card payments directly from your UnitWise account. Simply sign up for a ProPay account and link it to your UnitWise account.

Use it in the office, at parties, and while taking customer orders on the phone. All you need is an internet connection, then you can process a debit or credit card and receive the payment confirmation immediately. You can also generate and email a payment receipt for your customers at the time of payment.

One of our customers asked a great question regarding ProPay that we just had to share.



I’m on the go A LOT and I love it, because that is what beauty consulting business is about. But I have a few very security conscious customers that simply would not let me see their card number, let alone let me write it on the sales slip. Can UnitWise help me with this?

Hero at UnitWise:

Yes, Jessica, UnitWise will give peace of mind to your customers. Simply start an invoice for your customer, click accept payment and hand your phone or a tablet to to your customer to type their credit card number in.

Hero at UnitWise


What if they do not want to type it? Can I use ProPay Jack to run their card and UnitWise to process the Invoice?

Hero at UnitWise:

Of course, you can! Simply use the the ProPay Jack and when the payment is confirmed mark your invoice as paid with the process credit card option.

Hero at UnitWise


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