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As soon as InTouch releases new products, we update the UnitWise Inventory. UnitWise will automatically update your inventory listings with the new products. The Director Complete package has new products 2 weeks before consultant packages, in accordance with the rule of Director Privilege for Early Ordering.

You won't have to do anything to update available products. No more syncing, no more paying for updates; just log on to your account and get to work. You will have the ability to add your own product categories or adhere to the classic categories. You can also organize your products in categories in a way that it would be convenient for you.

If you are looking up a product, you can easily find it by name, part number, or even its description if you can't remember the exact product name. The product information will include: The Official Product image, Description, Price, Quantity on hand, Ideal reorder level, etc. You can customize everything in the product information section, except for the part number, because UnitWise identifies products by their part numbers in the InTouch database. If you are using the "Bulk Edit" feature, you can also search by section (Section 1 and Section 2), product category, or use advanced search to find products to be edited just by typing the product name or part of the name. So, for example, if you need to edit quantities for a box of lip gloss you have recently audited, you can type the word "lip gloss" in the search field, and the list will show all products that contain "lip gloss" in the name.

Take a look at the question from our user, Kelly, before she joined UnitWise:


Hi, I use spreadsheets to keep track of my products. I've used them for years. Recently, my computer had a malfunction and I lost all my data in spreadsheets. How am I protected from that happening if I use UnitWise?

Hero at UnitWise

Kelly, all your data is safely stored in the cloud because UnitWise is a web-based program. All information is stored in our state-of-the-art, USA-based servers backed up every few seconds.


Before my spreadsheets were lost, I printed a copy of the inventory data. Can I use it to transfer my products?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, Kelly. It's great you still have a copy! Simply use the "Bulk Edit" feature and enter your inventory as it was. Bulk edit is very easy to use. It's even easier to use than the spreadsheet you are used to, and it even saves on its own so you'll never lose your information again.

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