Inventory Management

  • Seamlessly edit inventory with the quick edit tool, which allows you to update quantity loaned, quantity to be returned, quantity on hand, reorder level, quantity borrowed, and quantity ordered.
  • Manage invoices and view inventory history.
  • Create product collections, gift baskets, and bundles for your clients.

Taking care of Inventory can be a hassle, but with UnitWise it can be organized & viewed from any device! We have comprehensive reports and tools to help you stay in control. You can start by importing your most recent wholesale orders directly from InTouch; currently, InTouch allows you to import data up to 45 days after shipping. Older orders can be manually entered. This process will automatically update your Inventory quantities. Then you can edit your entire inventory on your shelf using the convenient "Bulk Edit" feature. The feature is self-saving, so you can just work your way down your list. Since you're editing anyway, it is a good idea to take care of your ideal inventory level and Hot Sellers list while you're at it.

With UnitWise, you can label a product as a “Hot Seller” if it is one of your best selling products. This helps to speed up the process of creating invoices or sales receipts because you can select "add Hot Sellers" to an invoice or sales receipt. This opens a short list of your Hot sellers, and allows you to quickly select a product.

If you like to always have certain products on hand, you can specify your “Ideal Inventory Level” for specific Products. The ideal inventory level comes in handy when you are ready to place a wholesale order, but you're not sure what you're running low on. The Shopping List Report will create a list of all the products that are below your ideal level. If you run your Shopping List by part number, it will be very simple to place the order by part number in InTouch.

With UnitWise, you can create your own product collections, gift baskets, and bundles, making holidays easy! If you have a customer that had recently purchased a Skin Care set and is not ready to order an entire set, because she is only out of one item. Then you may need to split one of your sets. Luckily, UnitWise has a feature that allows you to split a set into individual items. It is available for the sets are designed to be sold separately: TimeWise® Miracle Set (Combination/Oily), TimeWise® Miracle Set (Normal/Dry) and TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Set to name a few.

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I've always had trouble during tax time coming up with an adequate list to show the value of my inventory, as well as showing where I stood quantity-wise at the year's end. What feature in UnitWise would I use that for?

Hero at UnitWise:

You can refer to your “Inventory by Category” and “Snapshot of Quantity on Hand” reports. The snapshot feature is very useful when you need to look back at the state of your inventory for a particular day in the past.

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Here is a great question about Inventory in UnitWise

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