The state of the art UnitWise Sync feature allows you to sync your customers, team members, and customers' personal details. The import process is processes in the background so that you can continue to use UnitWise while it syncs. With just a few clicks, you will have your entire customer and team data in one place.

Customer information is already kept in InTouch for the purpose of Customer Delivery Services (CDS), Preferred Customer Program (PCP), and accomplishments, but we recommend that you also to enter your records on InTouch. After you import customer information, sync it with UnitWise. To include more data to UnitWise from InTouch, use the Smart Import feature to import your list from InTouch.

Your wholesale orders can also be imported from InTouch for up to 45 days after you enter the information. The order import process also updates your inventory while recording your cost of goods, shipping, and tax expenses. Plus, Business Builder Bucks are recorded too!

Remember that the order must be in the "Shipped" category for you to be able to import it. You might want to import if you often order products. Also, you can see your consultants' orders on the order status page. To find an order you need to import, go to My Business Tools, My Business and select My Order History. To import your order, click on the
“Shipped” link.

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