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Google Calendar Sync

Are you always on the go and unable to access your calendar on a computer? We have a solution for you. Our Google sync will give you the ability to combine your mobile calendars with your calendar in UnitWise. Syncing with Google calendar in UnitWise is very easy, all you need is a valid google ID for the calendar you use.

If you're new to Google Calendar and just want to be able to access your calendar at all times, you can create a google account It just takes minutes and, most importantly, it's free! After you're logged into your google account, log on to your UnitWise activities section and click "Sync with Google" and then "Allow Access". After that, you're all set. You may want to check your preferences in your UnitWise account just to make sure you have the correct information synced with google, such as: automatic tasks and the ability to sync the calendar events with google. You also have the ability to share your Google Calendar to iCal and connect your Apple devices to UnitWise as well. To do that, you will want to make the Google Calendar accessible from your phone by adding it to your calendar from Settings.

Our chat with Eva regarding Google Sync:


I love the syncing idea, my Unit Members and I share the same Google Calendar. Can I sync that calendar with UnitWise as well?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, as long as you have the login to the Google account that it is registered with.


How do I know that my calendars are synced successfully?

Hero at UnitWise

First, you should check your Google Settings in the Activities tab and make sure that the Calendar is listed and access is allowed. Then to test it, you can create an appointment for a future date and check your Google Calendar to see if it appears there. Then repeat the same process from Google to UnitWise. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions about this process.


Can I get notifications on my phone for the appointments I create in UnitWise?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes. Google Sync is perfect for that! When creating an appointment both in UnitWise or Google you will have an option to select a reminder or a series of reminders. Note: Google restricts the syncing of recurring events, so be sure to update these events directly.

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