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Free Conference Calling

No matter if your team is just a few people or national area, our free conference calling feature is included with your UnitWise subscription at no extra cost, and it is very easy to get started!

each unitwise account has a designated conference call number with an access code that can be shared on flyers or email signatures. your calls will be recorded by default, but you can stop recording anytime. our user guide can be downloaded and distributed to attendees, and gives you tons of control options, such as guest speaker, mute, conference roll call, attendee count, and much more.

Don't worry if someone misses the call, our dial-in recording feature gives your team members or customers an opportunity to catch up by dialing the number you give them. Also, you can publish the call recording for dial-in as well

Conference calls can be scheduled in advance and you can build your attendance by distributing an invitation email to your audience. Simply pick the date and time, the group you want to invite, choose how many reminders they will need, and last but not least, click the "Schedule" button.

Here is are frequently asked questions from one of our users:


How often can I hold my conference calls?

Hero at UnitWise

You can hold your conference calls as often as you like.


Is there a limit on number of attendees on the call?

Hero at UnitWise

You can have an unlimited number of attendees on your conference calls with UnitWise.


What happens if I accidentally publish my Dial-in call?

Hero at UnitWise

No worries, you can remove it by clicking the “Publish” button.

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