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Financial Tracking and Reporting

With UnitWise, you will have all important financial information about your business at your fingertips. As long as you record your sales, import your orders, and keep up with accomplishments, your data will be precise and manageable with our reports feature. The reports are broken into easy-to-search categories: customers, accounts, products, sales, W.A.S, year-end/tax, team members, and address labels.

The "Customers" category will give you different reports to manage your customer information so you can provide better customer service and market your business efficiently. Here is a breakdown of some of our most popular reports in the "Customer" section: The "anniversaries & birthdays" report gives you a quick list of your customers' birthdays, along with the phone number of the ones who need to be called as their birthday nears. The "Top Buyers" report will give you a list of your best customers. It's very useful if you are working on a raffle or planning an open house. Your "Inactive Buyers" report will show you the people who have not ordered for a specified period of time. It will show you the people you need to reach out to with new specials or new products that they might be interested in.

The "Accounts" section can provide a quick snapshot of your income and expenses, so you will always know where you stand. In "Products" you can see the "Inventory by Category" report (very handy for inventory audits). Also, the "Products Sold to Customers" report is important in order to know what product was sold to what customers and when it was sold. It helps you to determine what your best-sellers are. Plus, you will know when the next reorder may be coming up. The most popular report in the "Sales" section is the "Sales Breakdown" report. It will have all your sales for a given period with the sales tax and discounts. In addition, you'll see the grand total for the period you specified. The "Year End/Tax" section is great for tax preparation. It has the reports that your accountant would need to get ready for tax season. Many amounts are indicated in retail prices, so make a note of that when you make calculations. “Team Members” reports will give you helpful lists and data to manage your Unit.

The "Address Labels" section has many subcategories that represent different contact groups, such as customers or team members. If you have created any custom contact groups, they are also listed under the "Contact Groups" subcategory. All you need to print address labels is to decide what group you need to mail correspondence to and run the report. Making reports with the mail-merger feature is very easy. Just take a look at our video tutorial for the reference.

Here is a dialogue from our support chat.


I'm working on my taxes and need a report for my inventory since it's the end of the year. Is there a report for that?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, Ellen, there is. It is called an "Inventory SnapShot of Quantity on Hand" report. All you need to do is to indicate what date you want the report for and run the report.


Oh great. I also need to count my Inventory. Is there an easy report I can use to just mark down the list as I count?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes. The "Inventory by Category" report can be found in the products section of the reports and will accomplish what you need it to. Make a note that the "Inventory by Category" will show your inventory at the present date.

Financial Tracking and Reporting Videos

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