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Facebook has become one of the most popular social media sites making its way into millions of households, and each day, billions of Facebook users are logging in through home computers, tablets, and smartphones. It has definitely become the easiest form for people to connect and communicate with their audiences. Facebook may be famous for causing distractions, but there is no reason why Facebook can't be used for both fun and business! By integrating your Facebook account on UnitWise, you can have the best of Facebook at your fingertips.

Integrating Facebook and UnitWise allows you to work while you play. On UnitWise you can conduct business as usual, but also post directly to your Facebook account. You can share links, photos, and updates, just like you were on Facebook's main site. On UnitWise you will also be able to schedule Facebook postings up to 2 years in advance. This feature minimizes distractions and allows you to communicate with your most important audience, without the distractions of the Facebook feed.

Our customer Cecilia had social media questions....

Cecilia: I am new to UnitWise! I am excited to get things started, but I have one concern. I am constantly on-the-go with appointments and building my team, so finding time for keeping up with my FB audience is a concern. How can I manage both? My FB friends are clients too. How does UnitWise allow me to assist my face-to-face customers while keeping up with status updates? I saw you have this feature. Can you please help?

Hero at UnitWise: Hi Cecilia. Yes, you can integrate your personal Facebook account with your UnitWise account. This will allow you to schedule your post in advance based on your marketing needs.

Cecilia: But would this interrupt me from providing attention to my in-person customers?

Hero at UnitWise: No, you can simply login to your UnitWise account, go to social media, and quickly write a post or schedule one to go out later. During any down-time you have, you can log in and quickly add comments or check the traffic for the post. Plus, you won't have to deal with distractions while you do so.

Cecilia: How soon will people be able to see my post?

Hero at UnitWise: If you choose the "publish immediately" option, your post will show within seconds. If you schedule a post, it will appear when you have scheduled it.

Cecilia: This is great. Is the set-up easy and free?

Hero at UnitWise: There is no additional cost to integrate your UW account with Facebook. Simply go to Social media> Facebook> Facebook Settings and complete enrollment instructions. We also have a video tutorial: Connecting through Facebook.

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