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Endicia Postage

The Postage feature with DYMO Endicia is a convenient way to take care of your mailing needs from the convenience of your home office. You don't need to buy any special printers or labels, simply use your standard paper. If the package is small enough for an envelope you can print your labels directly onto an envelope itself.

Get started by signing up for DYMO Endicia Service with UnitWise and purchasing postage credit. The postage credit never expires and can be used whenever you need a label. Just make sure your recipient is already listed in your UnitWise account. Their address and your return address will automatically be listed, simply enter the shipment date, the weight, and the package type.

Take a look:


I know that some places will only allow for the postage label to be printed once. What happens if I clicked print, but my printer ran out of ink; can I re-print my labels?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, Meagan. You are able to print labels as many times as you like, however they can only be mailed once.


Great. Can I print postage stamps with Endicia?

Hero at UnitWise

No. Endicia developed the labels feature to be used strictly for personalized postage labels that have a designated name and address.

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