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Email Templates

Creating an Email Template gives you a world of possibilities to create professional HTML designed emails. You can make them as simple or as complex as your business needs. Create your next Newsletter with UnitWise! When you work with a template, you can save it and go back to it when you need to make any additional changes. Of course, you can make as many editions as you like, until you are completely satisfied.

Also, email templates can be used over and over. For example, you can create a "Welcome New Consultant" template where you add all the helpful information for a new consultant to have a great start to their career. You can customize it by adding your own background, colors, etc. Your best option for a custom look is to place your content inside a table. The table feature also helps you keep your text and images aligned. . To begin: if you want to customize a table, add one to the template, deciding how many rows and columns your table needs is a great place to start. If you need to add more rows and columns as you work, you can do so any time by changing the "Table Properties". For best results, make sure that all the documents and images that will be used by your email template are placed in the resource library before you begin. Then the fun part starts; let your imagination go wild here! To add text, just select an area with your cursor and start typing. Documents can be added as links. You can add as many links as you like. Images can be inserted with a click of a button. If you would like to be able to have a line of several pictures, you can use the table feature for it. Simply add one more table to your template and make it one row, but choose the number of columns to match the number of images you want to display.

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I have just started designing an email template I will be using for someone who reached Star Consultant. I would like to know if I can add a border with sparkling stars with her picture included inside it.

Hero at UnitWise

Becky, that sounds like a fun project to work on! You can find a variety of sparkling borders on the web. UnitWise also offers a custom border option via the "My Website" feature.


Wow! It really worked. My template looks great now! Can I add a PDF to the template without adding a link?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, it is possible. You will need to convert your PDF into an image with any graphic editing program, such as "Publisher." Then the PDF can be added as any other image in your template and will be displayed across the body of your message.

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