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Email Marketing Reports

Ever wonder how many people actually read the promotional e-mail you sent? UnitWise email marketing reports will give you the answer to your question. Simply create your Email Marketing and send it. Immediately after your email is sent, you will receive a report giving you the number of emails sent and the number and list of the emails that bounced so you can follow up with your recipients and establish communication.

Open your email marketing report to see how many people the email was sent to, how many were read, how many were left unopened, how many people actually clicked the link you included in the email, and more! There is even a handy graph that gives you a quick look at the results of your email campaign. Now you can design your email campaigns to be more appealing based on the data. Create follow-up emails for the people that rejected or did not receive your emails and guide your business based on customer or team member interest.

Here is a conversation we had with Charlotte about Email Marketing reports:


I have a fairly young clientele and almost everyone likes to be contacted via email for the promotions and deals. I usually send a few emails every week to different groups. What is the maximum of emails I can send on regular basis?

Hero at UnitWise

Charlotte, you can enjoy unlimited email messages with UnitWise. Just be careful not to overwhelm your recipients! At UnitWise, we value the privacy of our users and their customers. So please make sure you read our email marketing terms and conditions carefully before you start.


Most companies limit the number of recipients. What is the maximum in UnitWise?

Hero at UnitWise

To comply with our terms and conditions, the people you are sending emails to must know you and be listed in your account. There is no limit on how many people you send your messages as long as you abide by the rules.


Can I send recurring emails to my customers, let's say every three months?

Hero at UnitWise

Automatic emails like that are impersonal and impractical. A good solution for you is to carefully select groups of customers you want to contact and schedule the email to be sent in the future, but try to avoid scheduling too many. After all, you are in the "people" business.

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