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Email Marketing

The UnitWise Email Marketing feature allows you to reach a broad audience to promote your business and it is as easy as writing an e-mail! The e-mails can be sent to particular groups, to individuals, or to everyone all at once. Email marketing was designed to be used send personalized e-mails to lots of different people at one time, instead of copying or blind copying hundreds of email addresses, with email marketing all email addresses are automatically hidden. Your recipients will never know that the e-mail was sent to anyone else. You have the option of sending the message immediately or to schedule it to be sent months, or even years, in advance. Scheduling your emails helps you remember to send birthday wishes or important updates to your team and customers. Each email can be customized with a handy mail merge feature, where the recipient's name is pulled from the list and inserted into a designated place in the message, such as the greeting or the body text, and personalized with their name. Custom design your signature and add it to your message for an even bigger impact!

Email marketing reports will give you all the information you need to make your next email marketing campaign even better. You can track things like the total number sent, total number opened, number of clicks, links visited, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

With UnitWise Email Marketing, your contacts are required by law to have an “Unsubscribe” option.  If any of your contacts unsubscribe from one of your email marketing campaigns, they will automatically be listed as “Email Opt Out” and will not receive any more email marketing campaigns through UnitWise.  Likewise, if any UnitWise account is reported for sending spam messages, UnitWise will investigate the account and take any necessary action.   

Here is a helpful question about our Email Marketing tools


I use emails a lot to reach out to customers, leads, and team members. It is always a hassle to remember to BCC my customers when I use my Gmail account. How do I ensure that the email addresses of other people are hidden?

Hero at UnitWise

Our email system distributes your messages in a fast and convenient way. Each message will only have one name and email listed, the name and email address of the recipient. Your name will also be included so the recipient can easily recognize, open, and read it appropriately.


Can my customers or team members reply to my messages?

Hero at UnitWise

Hero at UnitWise: Yes, they can. You will receive the reply in the email inbox you used to create your UnitWise account. However, it is also recommended that you insert, "Please, reply to (your address here)" within your email message, simply because when they're replying to your message it will not be passing directly to your inbox. Instead, the email will go through a series of servers and may be blocked by your email provider.


Excellent! How do I copy myself on the message, so that I know when my scheduled email was sent out?

Hero at UnitWise

Monique, that is already taken care of for you. You will automatically receive a copy of the message in your inbox as soon as the message is sent. You will also receive the report with campaign data.

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