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Customer Management

With UnitWise you'll be able to manage your customer database from anywhere. You can access your customer profiles and their purchase history on the go. With the ability to sync your customers with InTouch, adding new customers has never been easier.

The Bulk Edit feature allows you to manage your customer list for things like updating current customer lists, adding or removing PCP customers, adding or removing customers to email marketing campaigns, and much more. With every invoice or sales receipt, you can create a follow up task and you can choose how many days after the purchase to send a follow up.

The Task system is integrated with Call Notes, so keeping track of conversations with your customers and leads will be easy. Your tasks are also linked with your UnitWise Calendar, enabling you to opt-in for a daily agenda email to help make the best of your daily customer follow ups.

Here is our conversation with Deborah about our Customer Management tools.


Hi! I have lots of customers and I'm very excited about that, but managing all my parties and appointments has become a real chore. Can UnitWise help me keep track of my customers' birthdays and anniversaries?

Hero at UnitWise

It most certainly can, Debora! Just run the birthday or anniversary report from the designated report section of your account and you will have a list for your celebrations.


Would I be able to use it for mailing post cards?

Hero at UnitWise

You will be able to run a report to generate address labels for birthdays or anniversaries. They can be printed on adhesive labels via UnitWise's Mail Merge feature, either in Microsoft Word or We have excellent videos explaining this process step by step if you need further instruction.

Customer Management Videos

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