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If it's not on the calendar, it's not getting done, right? Now you can combine all your business activities in one calendar. Parties, phone calls, customer follow-ups, routine tasks, and, most importantly, family time! Sync your UnitWise calendar with Google and you will have your entire life in one calendar.  With Google Sync Technology, you and your Unit can have the same calendar. Making announcements for events, parties, and promotions has never been easier. The UnitWise calendar will use the contacts list that is already in your account. To notify attendees, simply select the person's name from the list. Choose whether you want to send them an invitation right away or at the time you set the reminder. It'll work great for your customers and prospective customers as well. Simply add the prospective customers as "Leads," and you will have the option of adding them as attendees to the event. They'll never forget to get pampered with your friendly reminders!

UnitWise also has a "Daily Agenda" feature that is linked directly to the calendar. You can add the six most important items on your to-do list, and then receive an easy-to-read to do list the next day with phone numbers already listed for phone calls. How convenient is that?

You can also see all your tasks at-a-glance on your Dashboard. Tasks can also be managed directly from the dashboard where you can mark the progress of tasks simply by changing the color-coded flag.

Here is a conversation that helps illustrate our Calendar Features:


I would like to know if there is an option to share the calendar with my team and customers via my UnitWise website.

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, Pam. You can add your UnitWise calendar via a special template onto the website and choose what appointments to publish on the web.


Do I always need to log on and choose what appointment to add to the website? I'd like for it to happen automatically.

Hero at UnitWise

There is an option for that as well. First, take out any private information that you don't want displayed off your Google Calendar. Then, sync your Google Calendar with UnitWise. You can make your Google Calendar public and embed it with a basic copy and paste method onto one of your webpages. When that is done, even the tasks or appointments created on your phone will automatically be displayed on your website. It's that easy!

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