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Blogging with UnitWise is a dynamic way to keep your website visitors engaged and make them come back and visit again for more information. Updating your blog is as easy as writing an email, but the convenience does not stop there. You can share your life experiences, helpful tips with your new team members, travel notes, and much, much more.

To setup a blog in UnitWise, you must first have a UnitWise website. Three packages include this feature: the Website Package, the Consultant Complete package, and the Director Complete package. You can simply add a page with the blog template, and then you are ready to share with the world! You have the ability to enter text, images, links, and tables to your blog posts. If you need to, you can even save your work as a draft and go back to it at a later time. When you are finished writing your blog, you can publish it. You have the choice to publish immediately or schedule your post at a better time, whichever is convenient for you. To make searching easier for readers, you can organize your posts into categories like: sales, inspirational, customer service, etc. To keep it even more interesting, you can engage with your audience via comments and giveaways. Don't want comments? No problem! You can allow or opt out of comments for each individual post. Replying to comments is easy from your blog page. For the time-sensitive or important posts, you also have the option to notify your readers via email, Facebook, or Twitter update

Brenda is an avid Blogger and a Independent Beauty Consultant growing her team.  

She asked us the following:


I have been blogging for a few years now; how is the UnitWise blog different from other services with blog options?

Hero at UnitWise

We always strive to make things simple for you. With UnitWise, you only need to log in to one account. The blog is connected to your website, so it is more convenient for your visitors to find the new posts. Plus it boosts traffic on your website, ultimately promoting your business. Plus, you can notify contacts already listed in your UnitWise account about the new blog post.


Can a blog post be shared directly, say via a link or through Facebook?

Hero at UnitWise

Yes, each blog will have it’s own unique URL link that can be added anywhere that a URL link can be shared: Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing and your other web pages.

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