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» ProPay's ProtectPay Integration Store your customer credit card information securely with ProtectPay, and charge them without leaving UnitWise Not secure for credit card transactions Not available
» Customer Payment Management Create invoices, sales receipts, accept payment plans, manage follow-ups, assign discounts, and more Only invoices Not available
» Appointments, Calls, and Tasks Create appointments and calls, and have tasks created automatically. Schedule reminders via email, pop-ups, and/or text message. Only pop-up reminders Not available
» Personalized Email Marketing Create unlimited personalize email marketing campaigns and schedule them to go out any time Not online, no email Not available
» Auto Product Updates New products updated in UnitWise the same night new products are released Wait for the CD Not available
» Money Management Extensive accounting and reporting Limited accounting Not available
» Income and Expense Reports Detailed and customizable, export reports to multiple formats Basic reports Not available
» Productivity Clock Manage your time spent online Not available Not available
» Automatic WAS Creation Track your WAS info automatically and view reports Enter your information Not available
» In-depth Reports Reports on everything�customers, sales, accounts, earnings, and so much more. Export them to multiple formats and print them for your records. Limited variety of reports. Not available
» Auto InTouch Reports Exclusively in UnitWise, bring in your InTouch reports with easy automatic weekly updates Not available Not available
» Manage Loans, Borrows, and Exchanges Keep track of your inventory, who has it, and when they returned it Not available Not available
» Contact Groups Create custom groups for easy organization, marketing, emailing and more Not available Not available
» Email Invoices Email invoices and sales receipts without leaving the program using your own email address Not available Not available
» Customized Website Create unlimited pages for your website, customize your site appearance with an attractive and easy-to-use site management system. Post details for your parties and functions online. Not available Nickel and dime you for features. Limited display and customization options
» Personal blog Create your blog, add posts, have multiple categories and authors, and password protect it Not available Not available
» Photo gallery Create unlimited photo galleries, beautiful slideshows in a few clicks Not available Create it somewhere else, then link it in
» Audio library Exclusively in UnitWise, upload and store audio files Not available Create it somewhere else, then link it in
» Guest book Beautiful guest book with comment management, receive emails when someone leaves a comment Not available Basic functionality
» Training center Extensive training center, share documents with other directors, put it on your website, password protect it, and manage access Not available Basic document management
» Social Media Link, send and schedule updates to your Twitter and Facebook accounts from within UnitWise. Send automatic social media updates from your blog. Not available Not available
» Google Maps Integration Get directions right to your customers in seconds Limited, longer load times Not available
» Virtual Assistants Assigned assistants get their own login to your account and see only what you allow them to see Not available Give your own login and password to assistants, they can see everythings
» Video Guides Watch guides on every function and feature Pay for a training DVD Not available
» Virtual Sticky Notes Save paper! Post reminders on your screen, move them around, and save them for later. Not available. Use paper. Not available. Use paper.
» Monthly Training Webinars Two free webinars every month teach you how to use UnitWise Pay for training classes Not regularly scheduled, pay to attend
» Phone, Chat and Email Support Email support 24/7, chat with us Mon-Fri 8 to 6, call us Mon-Fri 8 to 6 Call and leave a message. Email only
» Set Up Fees None. Ever. Set up and update fees Set up and upgrade fees
» COMODO HackerProof Certified Yes, safe and secure unsecure unsecure
» Compatible with Mac, PC, Mobile Phones, and iPad Use UnitWise on them all! Anywhere, any time! Use only on PC, and only on the one you installed it to Limited compatibility
» Software Expertise Created, maintained and constantly improved by a talented team of experienced software developers Dated technology Slow to upgrade and improve
*Features and functions listed are compared to a collection of products, not any one particular program or application.

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