You want your business to succeed and so do we! At UnitWise we realize there are a lot of elements that go into operating a successful business. For that reason, UnitWise is dedicated to providing the beauty community with the ultimate business management solution to help them grow their business. At UnitWise, we create time for our users, providing them the flexibility to be available for themselves, their families, and others and take their business with them as they do it.

Agie and Naga founded our parent company, SPAN Enterprises, with the same core belief that no matter who you are or where you are from, you can achieve greatness. Our co-founders were so confident in their vision that they were willing to sell it all to bootstrap our parent company.

Since launching UnitWise in 2010, SPAN Enterprises has gone on to launch an array of successful products including TaxBandits, an all-in-one tax e-filing service, ACAwise, a full-service solution for ACA reporting, ExpressExtension, an e-filing provider for IRS tax extension forms, ExpressTruckTax, a tool to assist truckers with e-filing IRS Form 2290, and Truck Logics, an all-in-one trucking management software solution.

SPAN Enterprises has successfully helped hundreds of National Sales Directors and Independent Consultants efficiently operate their businesses so that they can dedicate more time to their units and families.

At UnitWise, we believe we can help make managing your business easier. That’s why we refer to our dedicated live customer support team as heroes! We guarantee that we will respond to your call or email as quickly and efficiently as possible. No robots! Just real people giving you the real help you need! SPAN Enterprises strives to design exclusive features that help independent beauty consultants simplify their business, saving them time and money.

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