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The Ultimate Business Management Program for Beauty Consultants

Designed Specifically for NSDs and Directors.

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What is UnitWise?

UnitWise is a complete business management program, custom designed for the beauty Consultant community. The UnitWise exclusive features make it easy to reach the next level of success by putting optimal organization, efficient planning, and more right at your fingertips.

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Who is UnitWise for?

UnitWise was meticulously designed for Directors and Consultants to successfully manage every aspect of their business. Plus, UnitWise features web based technology for total accessibility.

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What UnitWise can do for you...

With UnitWise, you will be in control of your business at all times with fantastic support from the UnitWise Heroes.

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Advance your career with UnitWise


Exclusive Features

Manage your clients, inventory, sales, reports, team, website, and so much more!


UnitWise has unbelievable management features to organize your entire business from top to bottom.


The marketing features of UnitWise make showcasing your business simple and effective.


Tracking your finances has never been easier! UnitWise works to ensure that you always know the financial status of your business.

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